Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'
By Carly Phillips
Harlequin, 2005. Fiction, 298 pages.

This cheerful romance is the typical romance where opposites attract, mixed with a generous helping of family drama. Zoe Costas is an independent Greek New Jersey girl who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. Her large family is hoping to formally adopt their foster daughter Sam, until Sam's long-lost uncle randomly shows up. Ryan Baldwin is a handsome straight-laced lawyer from Boston, who is the opposite of everything Zoe would ever imagine in a suitor. As sparks fly, the two discover the real reasons why Sam’s mother ran away and in the process heal two very different families.

This is a fun, happy-ending and fairly predictable beach read. I liked the two polar opposite families and seeing how the romance develops despite differences. The teenage foster daughter’s temper tantrums got on my nerves but Zoe and Ryan’s relationship is entertaining and loveable.


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