Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Fall of Lord Drayson

The Fall of Lord Drayson
By Rachael Anderson
HEA Publishing, 2016. 284 pgs. Historical Fiction, Romance

Lucy Beresford is shocked when the new Earl of Drayson shows up at her door and informs her that the estate will soon be sold and Lucy and her mother must leave the dowager house and find a new place to live. The problem is that they don't have any options. Since her father's death, they barely have enough money to scrape by and they don't have any relations they can turn to. She can't believe the earl would break the promise his father made. Soon the tables are turned when Lucy discovers the earl unconscious and hurt in the road. When he wakes up, he has no memory of who he is and Lucy decides to teach him a lesson by telling him that he is her servant.

If you are a fan of Regency romances, this is a great read! Lucy is charming and feisty and Colin is pompous and cocky but you can't help falling in love with both of them as you get to know them better. There are some fun twists and hilarious scenes and of course the tender moments that make you sigh! This was the perfect clean romance to relax with at the end of a long day.


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