Saturday, April 1, 2017

Long May She Reign

Long May She Reign 
by Rhiannon Thomas
Harper Collins Publishers, 2017. 422 pgs Young Adult Fiction

Freya unexpectedly becomes queen when the entire court gets poisoned. Freya loves science and would much rather be in her laboratory than learning the niceties of court. Her first few days are fraught with intrigue as she tries to discover who poisoned the court, who is going to try and kill her next, and what policies of the old regime should she keep in place.

I enjoyed this story; I like the growth that Freya goes through as she tries to discover what kind of queen she will be. Her feeling as she tries to deal with being manipulated into being a figure head are a fascinating element of the story. There is some romance but it is not the main focus of the entire book.


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