Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Lady of the Lakes: The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott

The Lady of the Lakes: The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott
By Josi Kilpack
Shadow Mountain, 2017. 338 pgs. Historical Fiction, Romance

Young Walter Scott falls in love with Mina the first time he sees her. Walter knows they are from different social classes but he is confident their love will be able to overcome any obstacle. She is flattered by his attention and treasures each love letter he sends, but isn't sure if she is truly in love with him, especially once she meets the handsome William Forbes.

Charlotte Carpenter is a Catholic-born Frenchwoman with a scandalous family history. She does not expect to ever marry and has come to terms with that. She is making arrangements to become an independent woman by managing her own household and decisions. It is at this point that she meets Walter Scott and they both discover that there may be more in their futures than either of them expected, but only if Walter can make room in his heart for someone besides Mina.

I didn't know much about Walter Scott before reading this book but I loved getting to know his personality and his struggles and how he overcame heartbreak to find love again. Josi Kilpack did a lot of research into Scott's life and the book includes notes at the end to explain which parts of each chapter were based on facts and which parts she made up to help the story progress. This is a slower paced book but it kept my attention all the way to the end.


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