Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Dark Days Club

The Dark Days Club
by Alison Goodman
Viking, 2016. 482 pages. Young Adult.

It’s London 1812 and Lady Helen Wrexhall should be preparing for her presentation to the queen and her coming out party, but when one of the housemaids mysteriously disappears and some of the clues lead to enigmatic Lord Carlston who has just returned to England after waiting out the rumors that he contributed to the death of his wife, Helen knows she should stay away. Knowing and doing are not the same and Helen soon finds herself plunging deeper and deeper into Lord Carlston's world where she discovers that a cabal of demons have infiltrated London society and that she has inherited special powers from her dead mother that can help fight these demons.

Goodman’s novel deftly blends supernatural elements with a richly described historical Regency setting. If you like these elements, then you should definitely pick up this clever, fast-paced book. I personally prefer more of a blend of fantasy and historical fiction so it wasn’t quite my cup of tea.


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