Wednesday, August 31, 2016


by Aaron Karo
Simon Pulse, 2015. Young Adult. 310 pages.

When Shane Chambliss was in 9th grade, he had his heart broken by a woman he now only refers to as Voldemort. Shane moved on and decided to use all that he had learned to help other teenage boys avoid the same mistakes. Enter the “Galgorithm,” a mathematical formula that when used correctly will greatly improve any geeky boy’s chance to get his gal. Oddly Shane never felt comfortable sharing his side job with best friend since birth, Jak, short for Jennifer Annabelle Kalkland. Shane has never felt more than friendship towards Jak, but when a former Galgorithm pupil decides to use the formula on Jak, Shane discovers he may have more feelings than he thought.

This is an enjoyable take on the “best friends who fall in love” plot. Shane and Jak are endearing characters with fun, witty banter. I especially enjoyed that the story is told from Shane’s perspective. One drawback is that it does take a bit for the story to get going.


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