Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What is Not Yours is Not Yours

By Helen Oyeyemi
New York: Riverhead Books 2016. 325 pages. Fiction.

What do a flaming tyrant, a young puppeteer who enters the profession to woo his love interest, a man with a knife in his chest who calls to say he’ll be late for dinner, a teenage girl with a celebrity crush which turns to scandal, a woman who sneaks into a library at night, and a weight loss spa where patients are put into drug-induced comas have in common? Seemingly nothing, until Helen Oyeyemi gets a hold of them.

For a break from the traditional novel, I picked up this collection of nine short stories, where each is connected to the next by keys, doors, secrets, mystery, desire, and a little magic. The stories stands on their own well, but the book’s tone and themes carry throughout, drawing the reader in as move forward to see how the stories will connect or relate. Oyeyemi’s writing is beautiful and imaginative, and draws the reader in with ease. This was a book I could not put down and I would highly recommend. 


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