Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth 
By Jay Hosler
Hill and Wang, 2011. 150 pgs. Graphic Novel

When Glargalian astronomers discovered Earth, they began researching the planet to understand how life evolved over billions of years so that they could better understand how their own species was changing. The scientist Bloort-183 has been tasked with showing the new holographic exhibit demonstrating Earth’s evolution to King Floorsh-727 and Prince Floorsh-418. Full of questions and answers, Bloort takes the King and Prince on a detailed journey of how life on Earth has evolved, and is still evolving.

When I first started this book I was a little skeptical. An alien species learning about Earth’s evolution because they don’t quite understand their own? It’s a little farfetched, but if you can put that aside it was actually a very interesting explanation of how life on Earth has changed and adapted to become what it is today. Clear visual representations and explanations make this book very accessible to a wide audience, and it’s great introductory material for the process of evolution. I especially appreciated the pop-culture references and puns. It made me laugh as I read. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would easily recommend it.


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