Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saving Grace

Saving Grace
By Michele Paige Holmes
Mirror Press, 2014. 376 pgs. Romance

Grace Thatcher just wants to settle down in the country with her younger brother and sister, but after the death of her grandfather, the Duke of Salisbury, and the gambling debts of her father, she is forced to marry a man of her father's choosing. She finds creative ways to get each man to reject her until one night, after a carriage accident, she finds herself in the arms of a stranger and comes up with a plan that will ruin her reputation forever and take away all possibilities of her or her sister marrying anyone. Unfortunately, the last man she was supposed to meet is a good guy, and the sworn enemy of the man she claims ruined her reputation. Life gets more complicated when she is forced into an engagement and it's not as bad as she thought it would be.
This is another enjoyable Regency romance. I have been reading a lot of these lately and I think it is because life is crazy on it's own. I just want to sit back and enjoy a book at the end of the day and know that it will have a happy ending. Grace is a great character who has been dealt some pretty unfair things in her life. She hasn't let them make her bitter and she truly cares for those around her.


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