Friday, December 4, 2015

The Promise

The Promise
by Robert Crais
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2015.  402 pgs. Mystery

I am not sure what a police procedural is called when it is private detectives proceeding rather than officers of the law, but this book is a crackerjack of the genre. Fans of Robert Crais will already know Elvis Cole and his mysterious sidekick, Joe Pike. Add to this mix, former Marine Scott James and his K-9 partner Maggie and we're ready to roll. Cole has been hired by an anxious employer to find a missing chemist - an unexceptional looking woman whose son was recently killed in a terrorist bombing. Amy Breslyn knows how to make explosives of all kinds and she has recently met with a "Mr. Rollins," a worse than shady character who may or may not be an arms dealer. A murder and an encounter at the crime scene put Scott and Maggie on Mr. Rollins' hit list, and Cole and Pike join forces with Scott and Maggie (against regulations) as they try to find Amy before she does something rash, or something worse is done to her. The heroes of Crais's fiction are nuanced and appealing, his dialogue and setting spot on, and his action crackling and suspenseful. A great read when it's cold out and warm inside by the fire.


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