Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dark Places

Dark Places 
By Gillian Flynn
Broadway Books, 2009. 349pgs. Mystery

On January 2, 1985 Ben Day massacred his family in their home in Kinnakee, Kansas. Youngest child Libby Day survived but was not unscathed. While Ben spends his life in prison, Libby is haunted by her family’s deaths and her role in convicting her brother. Some twenty years later, Libby is broke and desperate enough to respond to Lyle Wirth, the leader of the Kansas City Kill Club – a group fascinated by true crime stories like those of the Day family Massacre. With Lyle’s help, Libby begins questioning what really happened that cold January night.

This is the second novel I’ve read by Gillian Flynn – the author best known for Gone Girl. I found this story every bit as gripping and unpredictable. Similar to Gone Girl, Flynn jumps back and forth between narrators and time periods which keeps readers on their toes. Flynn has such a unique writing style, she can craft descriptions that are every bit as thoughtful as they are appalling. Readers will encounter twists and turns that make them flinch, but inevitably grip the book even tighter. This is a great read, but readers should be ready for some gritty content.


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