Friday, April 24, 2015

The Start of Me and You

The Start of Me and You
by Emery Lord
Bloomsbury, 2015. 376 pages. Young adult fiction.

Paige Hancock is ready to start her life anew, more than a year after her boyfriend was drowned in a tragic accident. Tired of being just "The Girl Whose Boyfriend Drowned," she decides it is time to take her life into her own hands - joining new groups, going out with her friends again, and dating. She decides that she is going to set her sights on her long-time crush, Ryan Chase. Things get complicated, however, when she finds herself becoming more attracted to Ryan's cousin, Max.

This was a really interesting book. Lord does a great job dealing with the effects of grief on teens and learning to find joy in life again. It is also a fabulous example of how real relationships develop. Even though she's "loved" Ryan from afar for years, it is not until she starts spending quality time with Max that she understands how pale her love for Ryan really was. All in all, this was both a fun and satisfying read. It may have had a few instances of strong profanity, but they were so rare that I don't even actually remember them.


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