Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Royal We

The Royal We
by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
Grand Central Publishing, 2015. 454 pages. Fiction.

Rebecca Porter has never been one for a fairy-tale ending, but when her study abroad at Oxford ends with her dating the heir to the British throne, everything in her life changes. Bex must learn to adapt to a life in the spotlight and discover if her love for Prince Nicholas is enough to counteract the constant intrusions of the paparazzi.

This was an interesting take on a theme that has exploded since the marriage of Prince William and Lady Catherine in 2010. Rather than focusing on the sheer romance of marrying a prince, this book looks deeply into how hard it would be to adjust to a life in the public eye and to carry on in the face of misinformation and sensationalist journalism. It made me feel quite sorry, actually, for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (although I don't actually know that this will stop me from admiring the Duchess's wardrobe when pictures come out online - I know, I'm feeding the beast). It covers a long period of time (8 years), so the reader is really able to explore the feelings of Bex as her life changes completely. I did feel that it seemed to run on about 150 pages longer than necessary, but, other than that, it was an interesting read.


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