Saturday, July 19, 2014

There Will Come a Time

There Will Come a Time
By Carrie Arcos
Simon Pulse, 2014. 315 pages. Young adult fiction.

Mark is overwhelmed by grief after watching his twin sister, Grace, die next to him in a tragic car accident. And then he finds a list he wrote just a few days before the accident, a list of the five things she wanted to do before the year was over. Mark determines to fulfill his sister's final goals, with the companionship of her best friend, Hanna.

This book is intensely powerful. Arcos has a very spare writing style, but she is able to convey so much emotion with what she puts to paper that I was in tears several times throughout the story. Mark's heartbreak is so real and accessible that the reader goes through his emotional journey with him as he learns to live his life again with the one person he thought would always be there. It was not what I expected...and I loved every minute of it.


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