Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Vacationers

The Vacationers
By Emma Straub
Riverhead, 2014. 304 pgs. Fiction.

This was a very quick, entertaining read. At times light, with undertones of serious subjects, it was a great summer read. Clever characters, and funny dialogue made this an enjoyable book. Straub put humor in the story where it was needed while still allowing room for plenty of heart. I completely fell in love with the daughter in the story, Sylvia. And the island of Mallorca. I would love to vacation there.

The book consists of a vacation home in Mallorca that is filled with the Post family, and the mom's best friend Charles and his husband. The book starts with a hint of secrets and tension and it is revealed through out why the Posts are hesitant to go on this family vacation together. Two weeks on an island leads to boredom, fights, and very funny outbursts as well as adventures. By the end you cheer for the quirky family as they try and repair what has happened and move on.


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