Monday, May 12, 2014

Uganda Be Kidding Me

Uganda Be Kidding Me
By Chelsea Handler
Grand Central Publishing, 2014. 272 pgs.

In Chelsea Handler's fifth book, she takes on her stories of travelling with friends and family in a way only Chelsea Handler can. This book had some actually really funny stories as well as her usual uncomfortably awkward ones. She writes in a way that is meant for storytelling and although based on trips she has taken, it is obvious there are some half truths or outrageous events that just are there for a laugh.

If you liked her other books, you will like this one. But don't pick it up if you are offended easily or don't care for her humor. She is definitely meant for a certain audience. The photos add to the actual trip she took and some stories, like getting to watch elephants stampede, breaking her leg skiing the Alps, and more create a sense of chaos and definitely crazy as she travels and forces people to go with her.


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