Friday, May 16, 2014

The Science of Happily Ever After

The Science of Happily Ever After
By Ty Tashiro
Harlequin, 2014. 288 pgs.

Dr. Ty Tashiro writes his  book from an informative point of view with his own research, different scientific studies, and data to explain why love relates to the decision making abilities of people and not necessarily the things we think we want. Tashiro thinks that the happiness in a relationship is based on the science of choosing the person from the start. With personal stories and tips, Dr. Tashiro expands on the idea of true love based on demography, sociology and psychology.

I enjoyed the anecdotes as well as the information. True love seems to be a popular subject to find the whys and why nots and this one was a fast read. Even with the researched facts, it wasn't over my head and I did like the different aspect Dr. Tashiro explains. As they are suggestions to finding true love, I can't say I will implement anything but I think the book was really well written and fun overall!


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