Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)
By Marissa Meyer
Feiwel and Friends, 2013. 452 pages.  Young Adult

Sequel to Cinder (the cyborg Cinderella story), this is Little Red Riding Hood's tale, which intermingles with Cinder's continuing story from the first book.

Scarlet lives in the French countryside, and has been frantic since her grandmother went missing two weeks earlier.  When the police fail to provide any help, Scarlet decides to take the search into her own hands, with some help from Wolf, a street fighter she just met and who seems inexplicably drawn to her.

Whatever I may have thought I knew about the traditional Red Riding Hood tale, I genuinely did not know what Wolf's motives were or what his ultimate role would be for most of this novel, and I loved watching the mystery unfold.  Scarlet is an interesting new character, and the segments of Cinder's continuing story included here were very satisfying.  All in all, I think I liked this even more than the first book.  Recommended for teens and older.


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