Monday, June 17, 2013

His Majesty's Hope

His Majesty’s Hope 
by Susan Elia Macneal
Bantam Books, 2013. 354 pgs. Mystery

Maggie is off on her first foreign mission for MI5, right into the heart of Berlin during WWII. Her objective: to plant a bug in the home of a high society Nazi supporter Clara Hess. The story also follows Elise, a German nurse, who just happens to be Clara Hess' daughter.
Maggie’s personal and family life is just as complicated before and at times can be a bit frustrating, but I guess that is how relationships normally are. The addition of Elise’s character allows the reader a snippet of the German home front and the struggles they went through. And once again Macneal throws in that one little extra plot twist at the end that leaves you wanting.  Not a perfect read, but an enjoyable one.


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