Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Twelve

The Twelve 
By Justin Cronin
Ballantine Books, 2012. 592 pgs. Horror

The Twelve does not simply pick up where The Passage left off. It returns to the present day, before the virals decimated the human population, and introduces the readers to new characters. These new characters set in motion events that, one hundred years into the future, work both for and against the survival of mankind. Amy and her friends, after surviving their flight across the countryside, take separate paths but will still need to rely on each other if they are to fight the ultimate evil. Justin

Cronin is amazing. His storytelling, character development, writing, and imagination bring this post-apocalyptic world to mesmerizing life. The pages seriously flew by and when I read that final sentence, the dread of waiting another two years for the conclusion of this trilogy sounds like torture. A sure pick for any fan of horror....or of fantastic writing.


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