Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Frozen Heat

Frozen Heat 
By Richard Castle
Hyperion, 2012. 313 pgs. Mystery

Star homicide detective Nikki Heat with the NYPD is more than surprised when her latest case, a dead woman found stuffed in a suitcase, is linked to the long cold murder of her own mother. She and her investigative journalist boyfriend, Jameson Rook, will eventually travel from Manhattan to Paris in order to track down new leads that will hopefully bring Nikki some degree of closure concerning her mother’s death.

This is another exciting mystery from the fictitious author Richard Castle played by Nathan Fillian in the popular TV series, Castle. While the mystery itself is engaging and entertaining, the real fun in reading the Nikki Heat series is for those who watch the TV show. Allusions to events in the television series, as well as other characters played by the lead (like Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly) just adds to the fun.


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