Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Trust

The Trust
by Norb Vonnegut (Kurt's distant relative)
St. Martin's, 2012.  306 pgs. Mystery

Grove O'Rourke is a stockbroker who is able to take his cutthroat training to the streets in Vonnegut's new thriller. When his friend and mentor, Palmer Kincaid, dies in an apparent sailing accident, Grove is asked to take his place on the board of Kincaid's charitable organization, the Palmetto Foundation. All is not well with the Foundation's funds, however, and when Grove is hard-nosed about wiring funds to a children's charity in the Phillipines things go violently wrong.

Although Vonnegut's characters are well-drawn and engaging (particularly the Charleston lawyer Biscuit Hughes), the action breakneck, the plot twists complex and unexpected, the brutality of the violence in this book is disturbing, even sickening. The Trust is a really exciting, well-wrought book, if you have the stomach for it.


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