Thursday, August 9, 2012


Eoin Colfer
Overlook Press, 2011. 254 pgs.  Fiction

Daniel McEvoy is an Irish expat working as a bouncer in a sleazy casino in New Jersey.  His past has been exciting and colorful (as is his language). But his receding hairline is a constant reminder that he isn’t getting any younger and Daniel may be looking to settle down.  Thoughts of a picket fence and actual day job are brought to a screeching halt when he finds his pretty girlfriend murdered.  Suddenly the New Jersey mob, inquisitive police detectives, and a crazy lady in his building are all after him for unknown reasons and he seems to be haunted by an eccentric and dodgy plastic surgeon. 

Eoin Colfer is known most for his young adult series ‘Artemis Fowl’.  This book is certainly not for the young, or anyone queasy about a good dose of foul language.  On the other hand, this is a great book for readers looking for a quick, funny, convoluted mystery with a surprisingly endearing Irish thug as the hero.  Daniel’s exasperation over his situation and the insanity of the people with whom he is dealing is especially engaging and then there is his obsession with his hairline and newly implanted plugs.  A bit crude, a bit convoluted, a whole lot entertaining!


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