Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer of Fear

Summer of Fear
by Lois Duncan
Little, Brown and Company, 2011. 217 pgs. Young Adult

Friends, boyfriend, family, summer, life is good.  The tragic news of an accident changes everything.  Rachel's Aunt, Uncle and employee have been killed.  Julia her 17 year old cousin is alone and Rachel's parents rush to the Ozarks to bring her to live with them.  Julia settles in but SOMETHING is disturbing about her and NO ONE except Rachel can sense it.  What is wrong with them?  Why can't they realize she is not who they think she is?  Can't they see she's a......  and .Rachel must prove it before.....

I enjoyed this clean, easy read and definitely would recommend it to younger teens who want creepy but not heavy horror. Side note - the last pages of this edition contain a "well worth the time to read"  interview with the author.  Were you aware that Lois Duncan has gone back  and revised all her books so they can remain updated?


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