Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Farewell to Charms

A Farewell to Charms
By Lindsey Leavitt
Disney/Hyperion, 2012. 279 pgs. Young Adult

Since finding out that Facade weeds out those substitutes who aren't good enough--and takes their magic to use for their own purposes--Desi is determined to find a way to change that. As much as she enjoys being a sub, she doesn't feel right about Facade taking magic from others. And now that she realizes that Reed, the boy she's desperately trying not have a crush on since she knows her best friend likes him, is also a sub, she doesn't know how to steer clear of him, especially since he might be her only ally in opposing Facade's sub sanitation. Fighting against Facade could cost them their jobs--and their magic--but they're determined to succeed.

This a fun conclusion to a fun series; I definitely enjoyed the third book in the Princess for Hire series. Desi is still as adorable as ever, and her determination to do the right thing is admirable. With a dash of romance on the side, this fluffy fantasy will appeal to lots of younger teen readers.


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