Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Win Her Heart

To Win Her Heart
By Karen Witemeyer
Bethany House, 2011. 347 pgs. Romance

Levi Grant, recently released from prison after serving time for involuntary manslaughter, has become a new person through Christ; he has rejected his violent past and now wants to live a peaceful, honorable life. Through the help of his prison pastor, he gets a job in Spencer, Texas working as a blacksmith, where he falls for Eden Spencer, the town librarian and the daughter of the town's founder. Even as his feelings for her grow, and he wonders if she will be able to accept him if she knew about his past, especially since she's a pacifist.

I really liked how this book addressed the topic of faith, repentance, and forgiveness. Witemeyer did a terrific job exploring whether or not change is possible and how people must decide to deal with other people's pasts, topics which will be pertinent for most readers. Levi's insecurities about his past and his desire to be someone better, alongside Eden's struggle to truly believe Christ can change people, were realistically developed, and I really liked how, unlike some inspirational romances, this one had a really good balance of faith and romance. A great choice for fans of historical romances or inspirational fiction.


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