Friday, April 13, 2012

Rock On

Rock On
By Denise Vega
Little, Brown and Company, 2012. 296 pgs. Young Adult

Orion Taylor, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for a band without a name, is looking forward to buying his dream guitar and playing in the Battle of the Bands. However, his older brother, Del, who used to be the type to always get Ori's back, now, having dropped out of college and moved back home, can't seem to stand Ori. He mocks his music and his band and seems out to get the girl Orion likes. Tired of being in his brother's shadow, but not quite confident enough to truly believe good things will happen to him, Orion is just trying to make music--and make his dreams come true.

Another good addition to contemporary realistic fiction with a teen protagonist. I really liked Orion; he's a down to earth, relate-able type of guy. This is the sort of book that's easy to hand to teens because everyone can identify with the struggle for confidence and believing in yourself and your dreams enough to make them happy. Minimal language, but otherwise clean.


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