Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sweetness of Salt

The Sweetness of Salt
By Cecilia Galante
Bloomsbury, 2010. 311 pgs. Young Adult

Julia has her post-graduation life planned out exactly: internship with the district attorney’s office in the summer, attend Pitt (even though it is not her first choice), and become a first class lawyer. Celebrations on graduation day don’t go as planned though for Julia. Her sister Sophie arrives and starts her usual fight with their parents about life before Julia came along. Something this time is different though and Julia realizes her parents have kept a big secret from her. Mad at both her parents and her sister, Julia drops her carefully laid plans to spend the summer with Sophie and discover the truth behind the secret.

Julia is a relatable character who is not too angsty or melodramatic. Sophie comes across as too much at times, but eventually shows her softer side. Julia’s relationship with a slightly older guy who gives her the much-needed friendship and guidance she needs is a great part of the story. It was refreshing to see a young man and young woman engaging in a solid friendship without worrying about it being more. The only thing that bothered me were the parents and their refusal to tell Julia the truth behind their secret; it seemed implausible.


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