Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love, Football, and Other Contact Sports

Love, Football, and Other Contact Sports
By Alden R. Carter
Holiday House, 2006. 261 pgs. Young Adult

This is a series of interconnected short stories revolving around a small town high school football team. They show the growth of some of the players, as well as their softer sides. Also featured are the girls who both loathe and love them. The characters vary from short story to short story, but the way they work together still gives a good picture of both the serious and silly side of high school life.

As with any short story collection, I liked some stories better than others. Overall, I definitely enjoyed the collection, and as a character-driven reader, really appreciated getting to spend more time with the characters (most of whom were quite likable) than I would in the average short story. A good one for fans of Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.


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MN said...

I love this book. I think it is hilarious and I love seeing the other side of football players. I love the no-nonsense females as well.