Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Suspense and Sensibility

Suspense and Sensibility: A Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery
Carrie Bebris
Tom Doherty Assoc., 2005. 301 pgs. Mystery

Never fear Austen fans, the book is not as silly as the title would indicate, but does give fair warning that Jane purists might not applaud. It’s still our dear Elizabeth and Darcy, with a supernatural twist. Here we find the newly married couple traveling to London for the season--with matrimonial aims for Kitty and Georgiana. Kitty happily finds herself wooed by a dashing and frivolous playboy, but after becoming engaged his entire persona changes drastically for the worse. Elizabeth--more sensitive to the paranormal--suspects it has something to do with a mysterious mirror and a dead ancestor with a scandalous reputation. But she must convince Darcy to help Kitty find the answer to her fiancĂ©e’s outrageous behavior. Can they solve the mystery in time?

Some of the original repartee and wit are resurrected and devotees shouldn’t be excessively disappointed.


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