Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Artichoke's Heart

ARTICHOKE’S HEART: Suzanne Supplee: Dutton Books: Young Adult: 276 pages

When she is almost sixteen years old, Rosemary decides she is sick of being overweight, mocked at school and at Heavenly Hair (her mother's beauty salon) and feeling out of control. She earns the unfortunate nickname “Artichoke” when she wears a green puffy coat to school. As Rosemary slowly loses weight, she realizes that she is able to cope with her mother's cancer, date her first boyfriend, and discover that other people's lives are not as perfect as they seem from the outside.

This was a great book about self discovery. Rosemary’s character really develops and changes throughout the course of this book. I enjoyed the way the book portrayed Rosemary’s self-esteem as the book progressed. I would recommend this book to girls struggling with weight issues or not. It was a great read.


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