Monday, December 9, 2019

Geronimo: His Own Story

Geronimo: His Own Story
by Robert M. Utley, Geronimo
Yale University Press. c2012. 348 pages. Biography.

Renowned for ferocity in battle, legendary for an uncanny ability to elude capture. feared for the violence of his vengeful raids. the Apache fighter Geronimo captured the public imagination in his own time and remains a mythic figure today. This thoroughly researched biography by a renowned historian of the American West strips away the myths and rumors that have long obscured the real Geronimo and presents an authentic portrait of a man with unique strengths and weaknesses and a destiny that swept him into history. 

When I read this book, I felt like I was sitting with Geronimo himself. In addition to dispelling tales and rumors about Geronimo, the reader is also acquainted with the perspectives of Geronimo and the Apaches during their wars with Mexico and the United States over their tribal lands. If anything, I think the biggest takeaway from this book is that no one is perfect, and we can always do more to understand each other and recognize that our similarities outweigh our differences.


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