Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Four Dead Queens

Four Dead Queens
By Astrid Scholte
Putnam’s Sons, 2019. 413 pages. Young Adult

In the land of Quadara, four queens rule in tandem, one over each of the four quadrants. Keralie makes her living as the top pickpocket, hiding in the shadows and delivering her goods to the black market. When she steals a “comm disk” that shows the murder of all four queens, her life takes a turn and she no longer knows who to trust. Can she figure out who’s behind the assassinations, and more importantly, can she stop them before they happen?

This is a fantasy book with mystery elements, and multiple plot twists kept pulling me back to the book even after my bedtime. The chapters alternate POV between several characters, some of which don’t appear until quite late in the book. While this was an enjoyable, compelling read with engaging and diverse characters, some pieces of the story fit together better than others. The final conclusion left me a little unsatisfied, but I think this author has a lot of potential.


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