Thursday, March 7, 2019

Very, Very, Very Dreadful: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918

Very, Very, Very Dreadful: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 
by Albert Marrin
Alfred A. Knopf, 2018. 198 pgs. Young Adult Nonfiction

With the help of World War I, the 1918 influenza quickly spread across the globe creating the worst pandemic in recorded history. Not even the black plague of the Middle Ages hits close to the number of deaths of the 1918 flu. This book presents a full picture of what is known about the 1918 flu pandemic from the social, medical, and political contexts of the time, to a brief but thorough explanation of viruses and how they spread. Intended for a teen audience the information is very accessible without being watered-down.

 I was absolutely astounded by the information in this book, I learned so much about the flu pandemic that I never knew before. The thing I like best about this book is how it perfectly blends the different academic disciplines of history, medicine, and science as it discusses the advancement of the disease throughout the world. I’d definitely recommend it to teen readers, but adults will still find it informative and engaging.


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