Wednesday, August 29, 2018

More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye
By Karen Witemeyer
Bethany House, 2018. 346 pgs. Romance

Evangeline Hamilton was orphaned at a young age and because of her different colored eyes, one blue and one brown, she struggled to find a place in the world. She joined together with two other orphans, Seth and Zach, and they form a rag-tag family. Logan Fowler came to town seeking justice against the hardened man who stole his family's land and destroyed his family. All he knows is the man's name, Zach Hamilton. He isn't prepared to find someone who isn't much older than himself and he is especially unprepared to meet Zach's sister Evangeline. She is a ray of sunshine in his dark world and the more time he spends with her, the more he is confused about what he really wants in life. Evangeline is just amazed to have someone accept her and not seem to mind her mismatched eyes.

Karen Witemeyer creates an amazing balance between perfectly flawed characters, humor, romance, and references to religion without feeling preachy. The attraction between Evie and Logan is fun to watch but by far my favorite character is Zach. He is so tough on the outside but he has had to take on a lot of responsibility in his young life and he has a soft spot for Evie and Seth. Fans of Sarah Eden and Julie Klassen would enjoy Karen Witemeyer's books!


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Tommie @ Ilene Books said...

Karen Witemeyer is one of my favorite clean romance writers, and this book did not disappoint. The romance felt natural and sweet throughout the whole story, and there was genuine character growth as they experienced new challenges. I appreciated the religious messages without them feeling preachy or overused. This is a light, fun read and great for anyone who loves historical clean romances.