Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Miss Leslie's Secret

Miss Leslie’s Secret 
by Jennifer Moore
Covenant Communications 2017, 218 pgs. Romance.

Conall Stewart has dreamed for a decade of returning from war to his beautiful Scottish Highlands where his family has farmed for generations. His hopes are shattered when he comes home and the land he remembered fondly as a boy is in ruins and his family is gone without a word. As much as he wants to go searching for his family he knows he must start a new life for himself. When he moves into a neighboring town he gets more than he bargained for when he catches a boy sneaking in his library. He is frustrated by the way the boy’s mother coddles him. Little does he know that Miss Aileen Leslie is hiding a secret that if discovered could destroy both her and her son’s lives.

I enjoyed this story, I like the setting in the Scottish Highlands, and I had fun reading the story with the Scottish accent spelled out. This was a feel good story with a bit of romance. It was fun following the story wondering how Conall and Aileen were going to work things out.


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