Friday, March 17, 2017

By Your Side

By Your Side
By Kasie West
HarperTeen, 2017. 342 pgs,  Young Adult

Autumn has spent her Friday afternoon at the library working on homework with her friends. They have plans to go up the canyon for a bonfire before the girls spend the weekend at a cabin. It was going to be the perfect way to spend a three day weekend.

However, Autumn's weekend plans are derailed when she runs back into the library to use the bathroom and when she goes back to the underground parking lot all of her friends have left. Each car thought she was riding with someone else. Autumn is now locked in the library with no way out until Tuesday morning. And to make things worse, her cell phone is in the trunk of her crushes car!

Her anxiety about this predicament doesn't immediately abate especially when she discovers she isn't alone. Dax, a boy who goes to her school and has a rough reputation is also locked in the library. They spend the days raiding the staff lounge fridge, learning about each other (tentatively at first) and playing games to pass the hours.

The setting for this book is loosely based on our library! That made this book a really fun read. I felt like I had to suspend my belief just a touch too much on some aspects of this book though. I didn't quite understand why Autumn and Dax couldn't just leave through an emergency exit or why there wasn't a landline phone available for them to call home. However, those things aside, I enjoyed this contemporary young adult book.


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