Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Season

The Season
by Jonah Lisa Dyer and Stephen Dyer
Viking, 2016. 344 pages. Young Adult

Set in modern day Dallas, Texas, fans of Pride and Prejudice will immediately recognize many scenes, lines, and characters from this novel.

Megan has always been a tomboy more comfortable on the soccer field while her twin sister, Julia, is the pretty, feminine one. So when their mother signs them both up to be Bluebonnet debutantes, Megan is completely shocked. Uncomfortable with the socialite scene, dresses and shopping, Megan thinks it’s all a waste of time. With family issues forcing her to stay a deb, Megan’s bad attitude slowly begins to transform as she realizes how badly she has misjudged many of the people involved. It also helps that a perk of being a debutante is being escorted to each party by a handsome gentleman. Especially when she is swept off her feet by the charming and down-to-earth, Hank Waterhouse.

I wasn’t completely sure about this book to begin with. First, I’m very particular about my Pride and Prejudice adaptations, and while it’s not a home run, it certainly was enjoyable recognizing all the parallels. Second, I really disliked Megan to begin with. She thinks she has all the answers and is very disrespectful at times. However, rather than staying bull-headed the entire season, she is eventually changed by her experiences as a debutante becoming a better person in all aspects of her life. It is this change that altered my feelings towards the book. Overall, I would say this was an enjoyable read.


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