Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Hedge Knight: The Graphic Novel

The Hedge Knight: The Graphic Novel
By George RR Martin
Jet City Comics (November 5, 2013) 184 Pages, Graphic Novel

The history of Westeros comes to life in this adaptation of the Knight of Seven Kingdoms stories by GRR Martin. A squire's itinerant master dies, but not before knighting him 'Sir' Dunk. Dunk tries to enter a tournament of the realm to prove his strength and skill before his poverty catches up with him. Dunk's sense of honor is repeatedly tested as the landed knights and lords fail to live up to the chivalric code they are all sworn to uphold. 
The graphic novel medium can be a hard adjustment for some authors, but Martin adapts well, allowing the dialogue to flow unstunted and clearly. As one of the uninitiated to the world of Westeros, it was easy for me to care about Dunk and his erstwhile squire, Egg. The political appeal of Game of Thrones is still present, but the focus of the story is how a poor and obscure knight rises to meet the challenge of living virtuously in a world of intrigue and excess. Old fans and new of GRR Martin will enjoy this look into the history of the quest for the Iron Throne.


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