Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Noble Masquerade

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A Noble Masquerade
By Kristi Ann Hunter
Bethany House, 2015, 365 pages, Romance

Lady Miranda Hawthorne has spent years writing letters to her brother’s best friend, the Duke of Marshington--a man she only knows through hearing her brother’s stories of his wild adventures. Although she never sends the letters, she uses them as a journal, recording her frustrations with the restrictions of Regency high society to the one person she thinks might understand. When Marlowe, her brother’s new valet, finds one of these letters and mails it, Miranda is mortified. But when Marshington answers back, new possibilities open up. Miranda is intrigued by the little she knows of the Duke of Marshington, and by the odd actions of Marlowe. Suddenly, society isn’t as boring as it once seemed.

I originally picked up this book because I liked the idea of getting to know someone through letters. I wish Hunter would have explored this a little more, since we see the first letters sent, but we don’t get to see any of the others. However, Hunter adds a few twists to the plot that changes this from a romance realized through letters to a story one full of mystery and intrigue. While I was a bit frustrated, along with Miranda, that the guys got to have most of the fun in the action scenes, this book was a fun, light read full of mystery and romance. Perfect reading for on a cold, snowy day. Readers who enjoy Julie Klassen and Sarah Ladd will enjoy Kristi Ann Hunter.


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