Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4)

By Marissa Meyer
Feiwel and Friends, 2015. 832 pgs.  Young Adult.

In the final book of The Lunar Chronicles, Cinder, Kai, Iko, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, and Thorne unite to launch a revolution on Luna. The group of friends, hoping to prevent Queen Levana’s ascension to the throne of Earth’s Eastern Commonwealth, find unexpected supported from her kind but unstable stepdaughter. Horrified by the cruelty Levana and her court wreak with their mental manipulations, Winter has refused for years to use her Lunar Gift, in spite of the madness that results. When Winter learns who Cinder really is, she shows surprising grit in defying Levana and facing her own fears.

Though Winter is more than 800 pages long, the plot moves briskly. In Scarlet and especially Cress, switching perspectives was sometimes frustrating because one storyline might be more interesting than the others. Things happened so quickly in Winter, though, that I was fully invested in every storyline. Meyer continues to impress me with her surprising twists to familiar tales, and she neatly wraps up all of her plotlines for a satisfying conclusion.

I listened to the audiobook of Winter narrated by Rebecca Soler, and I definitely recommend it. Soler is an excellent reader who brings Meyer’s characters and story to life.



AL said...

I think I should have maybe listened to this book instead of reading the print copy because it felt long to me but I was also lugging around a big thick book. I also realized that I should have reread the series before I read this conclusion because I had forgotten a lot of the details of the previous books and even the significance of some of the characters. I do like that the author found a way to bring everything to a satisfying conclusion.

Breanne said...

A very satisfying end to the series. I enjoyed the range of characters and different voices. I also appreciated that the antagonist was portrayed a bit more sympathetically in this book, or at the very least, I think we understand a little better why she does the things she does. She truly believes she's doing the right thing.