Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Precious One

The Precious One
By Marisa De los Santos
William Morrow, 2015. 359 pgs. Fiction.

Wilson Cleary, a highly respected professor and businessman, has two daughters.  One, Eustacia, he abandoned along with a wife and son seventeen years ago to start a new family.  Taisy, now a successful ghost writer in her mid-thirties, has spent the past couple of decades recovering from the circumstances that led to the split and feels she's moved on.  But then Wilson calls asking her to visit, she feels unable to turn him down.  

Wilson's other daughter, Willow, has been raised with all the love, care, and attention that Taisy never enjoyed. Wilson home schools her keeping her safe from practically all the polluting influences of a world never quite worthy of her.  When Taisy responds to her father by joining his new family for a couple months visit, these two daughters will together learn what it means to be family and how to truly forgive and love.

I really enjoyed this heartfelt novel.  The narration switches back and forth between Taisy and Willow and they both prove to be entertaining storytellers.  While some aspects of the story were predictable, it was still enjoyable with just the right dose of romance along side an intriguing family drama.


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