Friday, May 29, 2015

Funny Girl

Funny Girl: A Novel
by Nick Hornby
Riverhead Books, 2015. 452 pgs. Fiction

Nick Hornby’s new novel is set in London during the 1960s. Sophie Straw is a beautiful young woman determined to escape her small town life and become a star. With "pinup" good looks, her desire to be a comedian takes most people by surprise. It takes a few strokes of brilliant luck to allow her the opportunity to star in her own series and introduce all of England to their newest sweetheart.

“Funny Girl” introduces readers to a host of very relatable and likable characters in an era of rapid change, especially in the entertainment industry. Sophie and her associates are smart and witty and they are forced to deal with real issues as they ride the wave of fame and success.  The question is, what comes next? No one stays on top forever and no one can stop the clock or avoid the changes that inevitably face us all.


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