Friday, February 20, 2015

Hero Complex

Hero Complex (Keaton School #2)
By Margaux Froley
Soho Teen, 2014. 214 pages. Young adult.

After solving the mystery Jason Hutchings' death, Devon is hoping that things will get back to normal at school. But when a stranger attempts to kill her at her friend's New Year's Eve party, Devon knows that her life may never be normal again. Things get even stranger when a secret diary comes into her possession, revealing secrets about the men who founded the Keaton School 50 years ago. With all the mysteries surrounding her, will Devon be able to put together the clues in time?

Froley's second book flows much more smoothly than the first and presents a fast-paced and compelling mystery. Closely tied to the plot of the first book (don't try to read them out of order!), this second book really evokes the feeling of a Veronica Mars-type mystery, with one overt mystery on the surface but other plots, hidden even from Devon, that could change the outcome of everything. I couldn't put this one down.


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