Friday, January 2, 2015

The Lost Sisterhood

The Lost Sisterhood
By Anne Fortier
Ballantine Books, 2014. 608 pgs. Fiction.

Diana Morgan is a lecturer at Oxford University and is an expert on Greek mythology. She is obsessed with the Amazons and her grandmother claimed to be one. Diana is offered a job interpreting ancient text in a recently uncovered temple. She discovers the history of the first Amazon queen and their journey to free her kidnapped sisters. There are so many characters and groups involved in the present as well as past as the narration switches from Diana's sometimes dangerous search for the Amazons, and Myrina's quest for her sisters and a place of their own.

The story is long and has a lot of historical detail, and as mentioned above, characters. The book is interesting, but it does drag at times and the dangerous situations Diana gets in are hard to believe. If you like Ancient Greek history, archaeology , or are interested in a story of the Amazons, this will give you all that.  The beginning starts slow and the end throws in some romance that makes for a sweet ending but may not suit the entire story overall.


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