Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Since You've Been Gone

Since You've Been Gone
By Anouska Knight
Harlequin, 2013. 316 pages. Fiction.

When Holly Jefferson's husband is suddenly killed in a tragic automobile accident, she finds herself staving off depression as she runs her bakery alone. That is, until she meets Ciaran Argyll, who immediately sweeps her off her feet with his good looks and charm. But will Holly be able to let go of the ghosts of the past and embrace a different future than the one she's always dreamed of?

I will admit that my feelings about this book are supremely mixed. The writing was good, much in the style of Sophie Kinsella, and the premise was promising. However, a fairly major choice Holly makes at the end of the book made me so upset with her that it pretty well canceled out anything I liked about the book before this point. If you think the book sounds interesting to you, don't let my opinion stop you. Other readers may feel differently about the incident (I won't say what it is - no spoilers here), but it made my inner feminist come out and roar in protest. There is also substantial sexual content. This book has great potential, but it is one to go into with eyes wide open.


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