Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dead Iron

Dead Iron
by Devon Monk
ROC, 2011.  337 pgs. Science Fiction

What better way to end Beach Reading Season than with steampunk and werewolves Out West.  First book in Monk's The Age of Steam series, Dead Iron begins the story of Cedar Hunt, a handsome and intelligent fellow who once enjoyed a university career with his family, a wife and daughter and beloved brother Wil. But those days are gone and Cedar labors under a curse which makes him a wolf at the full moon, a day before and after. Master of 'matics, Shard LaFel, whose supernatural origins are cleverly concealed behind the veneer of a railroad man, determines all kinds of wickedness against the people of Hallelujah, Oregon, but poses as their progressive friend until almost all is lost.  Cedar, the not-quite widow Lindson and her not-quite-dead husband Jeb, and the mysterious Madder brothers must all stand against the fell Lafel and The Strange or not just Hallelujah but the whole earth may be devastated by the emergency of horrible creatures from the dark places of the earth.


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