Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Serpent's Tooth

A Serpent's Tooth
by Craig Johnson
Viking, 2013.  335 pgs. Mystery

In Johnson's latest Walt Longmire adventure, a "lost boy" kicked out of a polygamous compound of the Apostolic Church of the Lamb shows up in Longmire's jurisdiction, followed closely by his bodyguard, a man who thinks he is Orrin Porter Rockwell. Both wind up in jail watching an old video of My Friend Flicka, the only movie they have ever seen, but apparently they are there on the revolving door plan because they keep leaving and getting recaptured or moseying back on their own.  In the meantime, the neighbors and the Sheriff's Department are having run-ins with Cord's church folk until bit by terrible bit it becomes clear that the Apostolic Church compound is mostly a front for something much more grim and deadly. Johnson takes no particular pains to separate actual Mormon theology from offshoot dingbattyness, but if you can divide the wheat from the chaff as you go along, this is a really good story.


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