Saturday, March 2, 2013

100 Years of Comic Strips

100 Years of Comic Strips
edited by Bill Blackbeard, Dale Crain, and James Vance
Barnes & Noble Books, 2004 (reprint edition).  479 pgs.  Nonfiction.

Originally published in 1994 as two books, 100 Years of  Comic Strips doesn't have any brand new comic strips in it, but it does have a wealth of old ones.  So if you are of an age to have read and enjoyed Pogo, Krazy Kat, Little Orphan Annie, Buck Rogers, and L'il Abner this is a great book.  With nostalgia comes American history, of course, which includes considerable insensitivity to blacks and Asians.  This book will make you glad we have grown up some.  It will also make you glad for the comics, for all the laughs and the mysteries (who is Mary Worth, anyway?  and who cares?).  Or Terry and the Pirates.  Does anyone know what was going on there?  Or who knew that Dr. Seuss did a syndicated comic strip called Hejji?  Some fun. And one of the best access points of all to American (popular) history.

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