Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uneasy Fortunes

Uneasy Fortunes
By Mandi Ellsworth
Sweetwater Books, 2012. 233 pgs. Historical Fiction

After his abusive father's drunken death, Pete worked for years to pay back his father's debts. Now, having finally paid back everything owed, and with the impending wedding of his boss's daughter--the object of Pete's affection--he decides it's time for him to move on in life. He winds up on the Betteridge farm, where he enjoys working alongside Mr. Betteridge. He isn't quite sure what to make of Mr. Betteridge's prickly elder daughter, June, though. With a son and but no husband, she's clearly been hurt and pushes Pete away at every chance she gets. However, when an accident befalls her father, June is forced to work with Pete for the good of the farm--and both find that maybe they've found a chance to truly start over.

Somewhat predictable and with some passages that do much more summarizing than I enjoy, this book was tolerable but didn't distinguish itself from the many other similar books on the market. For die-hard fans of historical romance, this could still be a satisfactory choice.


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